Posted by: brookeblerdahl | April 10, 2011


If you are looking for a fun and challenging way to work out, think about training for a triathlon.  Triathlons include swimming, cycling, and running.  Running by itself is hard, but imagine running after an hour of swimming and cycling!  I think that is what is cool about triathlons-they’re challenging and it takes dedication.  You can’t just wake up and say I think I’ll sign up for that triathlon today, and go race.  Completing a triathlon takes months of consistent training.  Click here for a great website for beginners.

Did you know there is a triathlon club at BYU? Check out their blog or look them up on Facebook.  They are a great group of people that welcome athletes of all levels.  They get up and work out at 6 every morning, put on the True Cougar Tri every year, and race as a team at several races each year.  If you are thinking about getting into triathlons, contact them through their blog.  They will write you a personalized training plan, you can work-out every day, and help you get started.  I think I might even try the True Cougar Tri this coming fall…yikes!




  1. I 100% agree

  2. Triathlons are intense! I commend those who put so much time and effort into training for them.

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