Posted by: brookeblerdahl | April 9, 2011

College Students are At-Risk for Sedentary Lifestyles

A recent study by exercise physiologist Jeanne Johnston found that college students become more sedentary the closer they get to graduating.  Although I’m sure it varies on an individual basis, I think that college is a time when a lot of people become physically inactive.  College is a big transition for many people. Johnston pointed out, “It is the first time students are responsible for leading a healthy lifestyle,” Johnston said. “It is the first time they have to manage their time and make time to exercise.”

Johnston conducted a survey that asked students about their level of physical activity.  Most students showed a significant decrease in moderate physical activities such as walking.  Johnston has found that as students get older they walk to school less and exercise less.  Johnston recommended college students make time for physical activity by making specific plans for exercising, and making sure its something you enjoy.

I can definitely relate to this article. Studying takes a lot of time, as does having a job, going to classes, sleeping…it’s easy to leave out exercising.  However, I notice that when I do actually exercise, I can focus on my homework better and I feel more energized.

I posted this link once before, but I want to encourage everyone to sign up for exercise classes at school-it’s a great way to incorporate exercise into your day. BYU exercise classes




  1. Very true!

  2. You see BYU students constantly exercising or running outside, but I just have to wonder where they find time and energy?! I know that I have definitely become more sedentary in my college years which can be frusterating because exercise is important, but I just get too worn out!

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