Posted by: brookeblerdahl | April 9, 2011

6 Surprising Superfoods

The article “6 Surprising Superfoods” caught my eye as I was searching for an idea to post on.  It highlights 6 foods that have surprising benefits to your health.  According to the authors black-colored foods are good because “their color comes from anthocyanins, plant pigments that may help lower the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.” I think that basically any fruit or vegetable that is darker colored is going to be good for you. Here are the 6 healthy foods they highlighted:

1. Black Rice-contains high amounts of vitamin E, which helps the immune system, and protects cells from “free radical damage” (I don’t know what that is…”

2. Black Lentils-one cup has 8 mg of iron. They also have high levels of soluble fiber which lower your cholesterol and may improve immune function.

I love Blackberries! So good.

3. Blackberries-Blackberries contain “polyphenols” that may reduce cognitive decline in older age by cleaning up cells that impair  brain function. Blackberries also have 8 grams of fiber in 1 cup.

4. Black Beans-the dark skins are full of “bioflavonoids-potent plant-based nutrients that may protect against cancer, research out of Cornell University reveals.”

5. Black Soybeans-can possible decrease the risk of bloodclots and lower cholesterol.

6. Black Tea-shown to possibly lower risk of heart-attack

If you’re interested in more research about these and other black colored foods, check out this article.



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