Posted by: brookeblerdahl | April 5, 2011

5 Moments of Weakness

I found a great article called “The Moments That Make Us Fat.”  We all will have moments where it would be easy to eat all sorts of things not good for us (last night I went my family went to Training Table-how do can you not eat those cheese fries with their delicious home-made fry sauce??).  The article basically says no matter how hard we try, our willpower will run out at some point when it comes to eating healthy, so you should have a plan for your weak moments.


1. On Vacation:  if you’re in Paris/anywhere cool, you can’t skip out on going to a local bakery, but share with friends, suggests Frances Largeman-Roth, a registered dietitian and senior food and nutrition editor at Health magazine.

2.  After a Break-up:  Largeman-Roth suggests instead of drowning your sorrows with Ben & Jerry, meet a friend and go for a walk/run.  I don’t know about you, but when I (used to)  go through a break-up, I want my ice cream.  I still love my ice cream, but now I’m trying to buy more frozen yogurt-it’s tasty, usually cheaper than normal ice cream, and usually has no fat.

3. A Party With Great Food:  “The problem: You’re at a party and everything looks delicious. It’s free, it’s in front of you, and no one’s stopping you.”  The article suggests to eat before you come.  Or you could set a limit-I will only try one or two things.

4. Watching TV:  Use a small bowl, or snack on fruits or veggies instead-grapes, yogurt, veggies, etc. Don’t bring the whole bag of whatever you’re eating with you to the couch-put a set amount in a “small bowl”.

5. At a buffet, or a restaurant with enormous portions:  At a buffet-load up on fruits and salads first, so you’ll get full off the good choices.  At a restaurant with huge proportions, the article suggests to ask for half of your meal brought out to you on your plate, the other half put in the to-go box right from the start.

That’s a cool idea-I didn’t know you could do that! (In the picture below I guess you’d have to ask for 5 to-go boxes.  You could split it up and eat part of it every night for a week.  Gross.)  I couldn't resist adding this picture.  I guess you'd have to ask the waiter for 5 to-go boxes to take portions home...

I don’t know if any of those situations apply to you-some did for me some didn’t, but I think the point is to identify your weak moments and decide how you will handle them.  For example: my weak moment is about 10:00 every night, after a long day of work and homework, all I want is a huge milkshake.  My plan from now on: only have one 2 nights a week and have it with frozen yogurt instead of normal ice cream.  One step closer to eating healthy!



  1. I can relate. I admit that once I have eaten something bad I feel like the whole day is spoiled, so I have a hard time caring anymore.

  2. I can totally relate. Especially when free food is involved. And I love the idea of asking for part of your meal in a to-go box!

  3. been there.

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