Posted by: brookeblerdahl | April 2, 2011

Mood Alteration With Swimming: Swimmers Really Do feel Better

I came across an older article (1983) about the benefits of swimming.  It followed a group of college students who enrolled in beginning or intermediate swimming classes and a group that enrolled in normal lecture classes served as a control group.  The swimmers reported “significantly less tension—anxiety, depression, dejection, anger-hostility, confusion, bewilderment, and more vigor-activity after exercising than before.”  The benefits are associated with the strenuous exercise that comes from swimming.  It was interesting that even beginners-most who couldn’t swim 75 feet continuously, and couldn’t do a really hard work-out still experienced these mood benefits.

I have been taking a beginning swimming class this semester and last semester.  I completely agree with this article.  Even though I was never really “confused” or “bewildered” to begin with, I have noticed other benefits noted in the article.  At the beginning of my swimming experience, I definitely couldn’t swim 75 feet-on the first day my teacher made us do a 50m (swimming the length of the pool twice) to see what level we were at-I think it took me almost a minute and a half-pathetic, I know!  But I kept with it and now I love swimming.  Its good for me because it’s a challenge, it was out of my comfort zone, and I feel like I get a great workout from it.  As a college student, it’s hard to exercise consistently.  I think that signing up for an exercise class as part of my class schedule helps me get work outs in consistently.  Click here for a list of classes BYU offers.  There’s everything from badminton to bowling to ice skating to swimming.  Find something that you love doing and sign up!






  1. I wish there were more pools that we could exercise and swim in!

  2. You can swim in the RB pool! I go there all the time.

  3. Swimming has great benefits. It’s great on the bodies joints and strengthens muscles that other workouts cannot.

  4. I love the exercise classes at BYU. I try to take one every semester.

  5. I love that you included this. I’ve even heard that swimming is the one of the best possible workouts for pregnant women since you still get a great workout but it is easier on the joints.

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