Posted by: brookeblerdahl | March 23, 2011

Well hello

Hi! My name is Brooke (beecher) Lerdahl. I am starting this blog about healthy eating and exercising so that I can learn more about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and maybe give a few people some tips and insights too.  This is my first time blogging, so bear with me as I try and get this figured out…

So yeah. A little about me, I am a junior at BYU majoring in Public Health.  I am interested in health topics like our health care system, nutrition, chronic disease prevention, infectious diseases (how could you not be slightly intrigued after taking Dr. Cole’s class?), and disaster/emergency response.  I have been married for almost 8 months to Grant, he is awesome!  I have an awesome family-a twin sister (Brittany) who is serving a mission in Minnesota, and a little sister (Maddie) who just turned 16 and went on her first date to prom with a guy who looks like Justin Bieber.  What else is interesting about me…I work at the illustrious Creamery on 9th East.

So I have to say that it was Grant who got me interested in the subject of exercising and eating healthy.  He is a competitive triathlete, so he is good at both!  He has a crazy training schedule, which you can see by checking out his blog-I don’t know how he manages to train so hard AND be such a great husband!  He writes himself a training plan for each semester which is made up of daily workouts, longer goals, and he is constantly crossing off workouts he has finished or bench-marks he has reached.  He is so inspiring! I don’t necessarily want to be a competitive triathlete, but I do want to be able to set goals and stick to them the way he does.  The closest I get to that is saying ‘ok! tomorrow morning I’m going to get up at 6 a.m. and run 5 miles!’ Obviously that hasn’t happened 😉  But yeah. In this blog, I want to talk about ways a normal person (like me) can incorporate exercising into their life.  I also want to address how easy it is to eat unhealthy and come up with solutions for choosing healthier foods and sticking to it.

This should be fun!

I thought this was fitting and very appropriate.



  1. Nice blog! Your not the only one who struggles with unhealthy eating habits.

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