Posted by: brookeblerdahl | March 23, 2011

The Struggle!

I have to admit that I am a horrible eater! I love my ice cream, chocolate, cheeseburgers, and fries like every other American.  What is it about fast food that is so appealing?  It ‘s usually cheap.  Fast food advertisements always use bright colors to get your attention-seeing the bright red and yellow McDonald’s logos makes my mouth water for greasy fries!  Perhaps the bottom line is that it just tastes good.



Don’t get me wrong, I try to eat healthy, but I feel like it is so easy to make unhealthy food choices.  I think a lot of it is mind-set and planning.  The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has a great page with information about developing a healthy diet.

One feature I really liked was ‘plan a healthy menu option‘.  You enter in your gender, age, weight, height, and level of physical activity.  It calculates the average amount of fruits, vegetables, grains etc. you need to be getting every day.  When I first saw my results, I thought great, I need 6 oz. of grains every day how in the world will I regulate that I get 6 oz. of grain, 2.5 cups vegetables, 2 cups of fruit, etc. etc.  Don’t worry there are different tips to make the daily requirements more user-friendly.  I really encourage you to check it out.  There is even a meal tracking worksheet where you can plan meals for yourself, podcasts, specific information for kids, pregnant of breast-feeding women, etc. Lots of cool features to help you get started on a new diet. I think I will explore a little more and maybe even try out a “daily food plan” and see if it helps!  I’ll let you know how it goes in my next post.




  1. This is such a great idea on the CDC’s website. The only problem is that it’s an active intervention and it requires that people actually access it, and to do that they need to know about it. Thank you for sharing! People need to know about it. So let’s all pass this info on to someone!

  2. I agree with Malerie! This intervention is great, but it would be even better if it was more accessible. Maybe they can invent a smart-phone app???? I do think that tools that place nutrition planning directly in the hands of the involved individuals is great, but think it would be better if it were easier for all individuals to access it!

  3. Ever since i came to college i kept saying i am going to eat healthy and exercise i still say this to this day but shamefully i have gained weight … i think i shall refer to this blog to guide me through this struggle

  4. Cool website! I love that information like this is becoming more accessible.

  5. Eating healthy is always difficult but the end results are always worth the work!

  6. We are all guilty of loving fast food. And sometimes, it really is the best immediate option! But of course, as health enthusiasts, we know it will cost us in the long run if we keep those habits up.
    Something as basic as the food pyramid gives me a basic outline of the things I should be eating in a day, but an individualized meal plan would be really effective in combating obesity and chronic diseases. Good find!

  7. That is so cool! I agree, they should promote smart-phone apps that do this so people don’t have to search it out. My sister has one, but she searched for it and I don’t know who made it. I love ice cream and chocolate but have finally been officially grossed out by fast food and won’t eat it. It is great!

  8. I didn’t know that the CDC had that on their website. I am going to check it out! I will also tell people I know about it. It sounds like a great tool. Thanks for the information!

  9. I always try to eat healthy but for me it’s really hard to do when you’re in college and surrounded by people who are eating fast food or unhealthy foods all the time. Good information!

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